6N136S Alternative

Looking for support on part# 6N136S ?


It's time to give Isocom Part# "6N136SM" a Test Drive!


Isocom part# 6N136SM has an average lead time of TWO WEEKS and comes packaged in multiples of 50.

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Isocom Components is a leading manufacturer of high performance infrared optoelectronic devices specializing in optocouplers and optoswitches. Since the business was established over 25 years ago they have consistently delivered in excess of our customer's expectations to become one of the most respected brands in the worldwide optoelectronic industry.

Isocom Components is your natural alternative to all popular commercial optocoupler industry standard types including many no longer supplied by other manufacturers. In addition, they carry out special parametric selections to meet customer's specific circuit design requirements.


Did you Know..

A few products that have recently been discontinued by Toshiba, namely the following part numbers

Toshiba TLP521-1GB   &   Toshiba TLP621GR

Isocom will continue supporting these devices:

Isocom TLP521-1GB 

Isocom  TLP621-GR